Queen - Nevermore

Nevermore By Queen Transcribed by Richard Boodell
There's no Fliving in my life anyDmmore. The Amseas have gone dry and the Bbrain stopped Ffalling.
FPlease don't you cry anyDmmore Can't you Amsee
BbListen to the Fbreeze, Bbwhisper to me Fplease Don't D7send me to the path of neverCmo - C7o - Fore.
FEven the valleys beDmlow, where the Amrays of the sun were so Bbwarm and Ftender FNow haven't anything to Dmgrow
Can't you Amsee Why Bbdid you have to Fleave me,
BbWhy did you deFceive me You D7send me to the path of neverCmore
When you C7say you didn't love me anyBbmo - Fo - Amore (BbAh - FAh)
BbNevermore, FNevermore.
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