Queen - Lily of the valley

#------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # THE LILY OF THE VALLEY (Freddie Mercury/Queen. From the classic albumn _Sheer Heart Attack_.) There's a small timing change - to 2/4? - at the end of the chorus. Just play along with the recording and you'll get it easily enough. Chords repeated in parentheses are just there to guide the rhythm a bit. C G7 Am (add G bass) I am forever searching high and low
AmBut why does every body tell me Dmno? (Dm) G C Dm7 G Neptune of the seas, an answer for me please The Clily Dm7of the Gvalley doesn't Amknow Dm Am Dm
(Dm) A7/C#m C#dim Dm I lie in wait with open eyes (Dm) C7 F I carry on through stormy skies (F) C C7 C I follow every course, my kingdom for a horse
But Feach C/Etime DmI Cgrow Gold CSerpent Dm7of the GNile, reClieve me Dm7for a Gwhile Ccast me Ffrom your Gspell and Am7let me go G C
Messenger from seven seas has flown To tell the king of Rhye he's lost his throne Wars will never cease, is there time enough for peace? The lily of the valley doesn't know Extro: Am G|C (beats) / / / / / (hold) Strange chords: Dm7 = xx0211 C#dim = xx1212 A7/C# = x42020 Am7 = x02213 C/E = xx2010 Also, I prefer playing C and G as 332010 and 320033 respectively, but I don't know that it matters much. submitted by: Ted Hermary czth@musica.mcgill.ca
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