Queen - Lily Of The Valley

I Cam forever G7searching high and Amlow AmBut why does every body tell me Dmno? NDmeptune of the Gseas, an Canswer Dmi7for me Gplease The Clily Dmi7of the Gvalley doesn't AmknowDmi, Ami, Dmi I Dmlie in A7/C#wait witC#h opeDmn eyes I cDmarry C7on through stormy Fskies I fFollow every Ccourse, my C7kingdom for a Chorse But Feach C/Etime DmI Cgrow Gold CSerpent Dmi7of the GNile, reClieve me Dmi7for a Gwhile Ccast me Ffrom your Gspell and Am7let me goG, C MCessenger frG7om seven seas has fAmlown AmTo tell the king of Rhye he's lost his tDmhrone WDmars will never ceasGe, is there tiCme enouDmi7gh for Gpeace? ThCe lily ofDmi7 the vaGlley doesn't kAmi, Dmi, Ami, Dminow Koniec: Am G/C
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