Queen - Lazing on a sunday afternoon

Song: Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon Artist: Queen Written by: Freddie Mercury Album: A Night At The Opera Released: 1975 Intro: Eb / / / / / Bb / / / / / / / Eb (/) Verse:
EbI go out to work on a Monday morning, Tuesday I go off to honeyBbmmoon.C FmI'll be back aEbgain before it's Gmtime for Sunny-Cmdown, I'll be Ablazing on a BbSunday afterEbnoonBb. Eb
DBicycling on every Wednesday Gmevening, DThursday I go A7waltzing to the FZoo.
I Gmcome from London Dmtown, I'm just an Ebordinary Bb7guy, EbFridays I go Bb7painting in the FmLouvCmre.
I'm Fmbound to be proEbposing on a GmSaturday Cmnight, I'll be Ablazing on a BbSunday, Ablazing on a BbSunday, Ablazing on a BbSunday AfterEbnoon.Bb Eb
Solo: A Em F# e|-(9)/17-16-14-17----------------------17-16-14-17------------------------------ B|-----------------17-14-14-12-13-14-14-------------17-(14)-14-15-16-17-16-15-14- G| D| A| E| Bm A C#m F#m D E A E A e|-14-12-------------------------------------------------------------------------12-17- B|-------15-14-12----14-12----------------------------------------------14-12---------- G|----------------14-------14-11-------------11-11----------11-14-13----------14------- D|-------------------------------14-14-14-11-------11-12-14----------14---------------- A|------ E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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