Queen - Lazing on a sunday afternoon

Queen – lazing on a sunday afternoon Tuning:E
Ebi go out to Ebmwork on monday Ebmorning Ebmtuesday i go off to C7honeymoon Fmi'll be back Ebagain before it's Gmtime for sunny Cmdown i'll be Ablazing on a Bb7sunday afterEbnoon Dbicycling on every wednesday Gmevening Dthursday i go A7waltzing to the zoo Fmi come from Gmlondon Dmtown i'm Ebjust an ordinary Dguy Ebfridays i go painting in the Bblouvre Fmi'm bound to be Ebproposing on a Gmsaturday Cmnight
there he goes again
Fmi'll be Eblazing on a Gmsunday Cmlazing on a AbSunday Bblazing on a Absunday Bbafternoon
Solo: A A G F# Bm A C#m F#m D E A
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