...GOOD OLD FASHIONED LOVER BOY... by Queen ----------------------------------......... *from 'A Day At The Races' (1976)* *CAPO 3rd FRET* (Original Key: Eb) Verse 1:
C I can dim the lights and sing you Fsongs full of Emsad Amthings, Dm7 We can do the Ftango G7just for Ctwo.G7 C I can serenade and gently Fplay on your Emheart Amstrings; Dm7 Be your Valen-Fmtino G7just for Cyou.G7
Chorus 1:
C Ooh, G7/Blove, Amooh, Emlo-Fver Cboy,G7/B what're doing to-Amnight, hey E7/Abboy' Set Ammy a-Emlarm, turn Amon my Emcharm, That's be-Dm7cause I'm a good old Fmfashioned G7lover Cboy.
Bridge 1:
Fm Ooh, let me feel your C/Eheartbeat, (grow Edimfast-C/Eer, Edimfast-C/Eer), Fm Ooh,Eb7 can you feel my Ablove heat'Eb7 Come on and sit on my Abhot seat of Eb7love and tell me; Ab How do you G7feel right after Call' I'd like for you and FI to go ro-Emman-Amcing; Dm7 Say the word, your Fmwish is G7my com-Cmand.G7
Chorus 2:
C Ooh, G7/Blove, Amooh, Emlo-Fver Cboy,G7/B what're doing to-Amnight, hey E7/Abboy' Am Write my Emletter, Amfeel much Embetter, And Dm7use my fancy Fmpatter on the G7tele-Cphone.
C6 When I'm not with you, think of you always, (I miss those G7sus4long hot summer G7/Dnights), I miss you. C6 When I'm not with you; Gm7think of me always... I D7love you, G7love A7you.
Dm7 Hey boy, where did you get it from' Hey boy, where did you go' I Dmlearned my passion in the Fmgood old fashioned G7school of lover Cboys.
Solo: C G7/B Am Em F e|--12-------------------------|--------------------------------| B|------11b12--12p11-12p11-12--|--------16b17-16b17-------------| G|-----------------------------|--9p8-9-------------8-7-8--6b8--| D|-----------------------------|--------------------------------| A|-----------------------------|--------------------------------| E|-----------------------------|--------------------------------| C G7/B e|--------------------------------------------12-13-15-15b17--| B|--15b17-15b17r15p13-12-13-15-------12-13-15-----------------| G|-----------------------------12-14--------------------------| D|------------------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------| Am E7/Ab e|--17-15b17-17-15b17-17-x-x-------------------------| B|-----------------------------9--12-10h12p10p9--10--| G|---------------------------9-----------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------| Am Em Am Em e|-----12-12---------11b12--11b12---------| B|--10--------5p4-5----------------5p4-5--| G|----------------------------------------| D|----------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------| Dm Fm Em Fm7 e|-----------------------|---------------13h14-13---| B|--3h5--6h10--15b17r15--|--8h10--12h13-------------| G|-----------------------|--------------------------| D|-----------------------|--------------------------| A|-----------------------|--------------------------| E|-----------------------|--------------------------| C G/B Am Em Dm7 F G7 e|---------------------------------------|----------------------------------| B|--15b17r15-13-15b18-15b17r15p13-15b18--|--3-3b6-6-6b10-10-10b13-13-13b17--| G|---------------------------------------|----------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------|----------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------|----------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------|----------------------------------| Verse 2:
C Dining at the Ritz, we'll meet at Fnine pre-Emcise-Amly, (One two, three, four, five, six, seven eight, nine o'clock), Dm7 I will pay the Fbill, you G7taste the Cwine.G7 C Driving back in style in my sa-Floon, will do quite Emnice-Amly, Just Dm7take me back to Fm7yours, that G7will be Cfine. (Come on and G7get it)...
Chorus 3:
C Ooh, G7/Blove, Amooh, Emlo-Fver Cboy,G7/B what're doing to-Amnight, hey E7/Abboy' Every-Amthing's all Emright, just Amhold on Emtight, Dm7 Fm G7 C G, C That's be-cause I'm a good old fashioned... lover boy.
CHORD DIAGRAMS: --------------- C F Em Am Dm7 G7 Fm G7/B EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE x32010 133211 022000 x02210 xx0221 353433 133111 x20001 E7/Ab C/E Edim Eb7 Ab C6 G7sus4 G7/D EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE xxx130 xx2010 xx2323 x68686 466544 x32200 353333 xx0001 Gm7 D7 A7 Dm Fm7 G/B EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE 353333 xx0212 x02223 xx0231 131111 x20033 Tabbed by Joel from cLuMsY, Bristol, England, 2004 (clumsyband@hotmail.com)
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