Queen - Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

EsI can dim the lights And sing you sAsongs full of sGmad thCmings WFme can do the tAsango juBst for twEs, Bo. EsI can serenade and gently plAsay On your hGmeart strCmings BFme your ValentAsmiino jB7ust for yEs, Bou
EsOoh loB/Dve, CmOoh GmlovAser bEsoy WhaB/St're doing tonCmight hey boyG/B Set mCmy alGmarm turn Cmon my chGmarm That's becFmause I'm a good old fAsmiashioned B7 lover bEsoy.
AsmiOoh let me feel you hEs/Geartbeat (Grow fEs7aster faster) AsmiOoh F#7 can you feel my loH, F#7ve heat Come on and sit on my hoBt seat F#7of love And tell me hoBw do you feBel right after Esall I'd like for you and AsI to go romGmancCming FmSay the word your wAsmiish is mB7y commEs, Band.
EsOoh lB/Dove CmOoh lGmov-Aser bEsoy B/D What're doing tonCmight hey bG(Boy bass) WrCmite my lGmetter fCmeel much bGmetter I'll Fmuse my fancy pAsmiatter on the teB7lephonEse
WhEsen I'm not with you Think of you always B7I miss you (I miss those long hot summer nights) WhEsen I'm not with you ThBmi7ink of me always I lF7ove you lB7ove yC7ou HFmey boy where did you get it from Hey boy where did you go I learned my passion In the gAsmiood old fashioned schB7ool of lover bEsoys
Dining at the Ritz we'll meet at nine precisely (One two three four five six seven eight nine) I will pay the bill you taste the wine Driving back in style in my saloon will do quite nicely Just take me back to yours that will be fine (Come on and get it) Ooh love Ooh lover boy What're you doing tonight hey boy Ev'rything's all right just hold on tight That's because I'm a good old fashioned lover boy
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