Queen - Going back

Going Back Tuning:E
AI think I'm going back to the thDings I learnt so weDsus2ll in my youthA I think I'm returning to those daDys when IDsus2 was young enough to knoAw the truth
Now there F#mare no games To only C#mpass the time F#m A No more colouring books No Christmas bells to chime But thinking yDoung and growing oDsus2lder is no sAin And ID can't play the gDsus2ame of life to wAin
I can recall a time When I Dwasn't ashamed to Dsus2reach out to a Afriend And now I think I've got A Dlot more than just my Dsus2toys to Alend
Now there's mF#more to do Than watch my sC#mailboat glide And every F#mday can be My magic Acarpet ride And DI can play Dsus2hide and seek with my Afears And Dlive my days Dsus2instead of counting my Ayears
Then evF#meryone debates The true C#mreality I'd rather F#msee the world The way it Aused to be A Dlittle bit of Dsus2freedom's all weA lack So Dcatch me if you Dsus2can I'm going Aback
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