Queen - Going Back

A G/A D/A AI think I'm going back to the things I learnt so well in my youth
I tAhink I'm returning to those G/Adays when I was D/Ayoung enough to know theA truth Now there F#mare no games - to only C#mpass the time No more F#mcolouring books - no Christmas bAells to chime Amaj7 But thinking yD/Eoung and growing older is no A/Esin - And I cD/Ean't play the game of Alife to win
AI can recall a time when I wG/Aasn't ashamed to rD/Aeach out to a frAiend And nAow I think I've got - a G/Alot more than D/Ajust my toys to lAend
Now there's F#mmore to do than watch my sC#mailboat glide And every F#mday can be my magic cAarpet ride Amaj7 And D/EI can play hide and seek with my fA/Eears And lD/Eive my days instead of counting my yeAars
Instrumental part (Roughly): A G/A D/A A - A G/A D/A A
Then everyone dF#mebates the true rC#meality I'd rather F#msee the world the way it uA, Amaj7sed to be A D/Elittle bit of freedom's all we lA/Eack. So cD/Eatch me if you can... I'm going bAack
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