Johnny Cash - Hurt

I Churt mDyself tAmoday to Csee iDf I stillAm feel, I fCocus Don the Ampain, the Conly Dthing that's Amreal. The Cneedle Dtears a Amhole, the Cold faDmiliarAm sting, try to Ckill itD all aAmway, but I Cremember eDverythingG.
AmWhat have I becoFme, Cmy sweetest fGriend ? AmEveryone I Fknow goes Caway in the Gend. AndAm you could have it aFll, Gmy empire of dirt, AmI will let you dFown, GI will make you hurt.
I Cwear this Dcrown of Amthorns Cupon my liDar's chaiAmr, fCull of broDken thoughAmts I canCnot repaiD, Amir. BeneathC the stains ofD time the Amfeeling disapC, D, Amipears, yCou are someoDne else, I aAmm stiCll right D, Ghere.
WhaAmt have I become, F my sw-eeC, Gtest friend ? AmEveryone I know goFes away in the endC, G. And you Amcould have it all, my empFire oGf dirt, Am I will let you dowFn, I wiGll make you hurt. IAmf I could start again,F a million Gmiles away, Am I would keep myself, I wFouldG, Ami find a way.
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