Ed Sheeran - Radio

Capo: First Fret.
FHi,G my name is JamieF, there was a time when Gradio played me FCause my music Gcame from my heartF, it was real to me butG now it’s apart, FI’m here strugglingG, keeping it real, while thFe rest of them are hustling, Gseeking a deal, FSometimes I sit Gback and think JamiFe just do one tune, make a couple GG's and chill, FThe reason I Gstarted making music is Fthe exact same reason Gthat I’ll never do it, I swear FI didn’t go through Gall that for this, I’ll give thaFt a miss, that’s just how Git is, unfair, straight, FWho could tell me differentG, look at me, Fdetermined, Man onG a mission FMy music is meG, and I am my musiFc So like it or lump itG, I’ma do this
FI never had a Gplaylist in my Fheart, Goho FNow I need an GA list just to Fchart G FFor I’ve beeGn famous from thFe starGt FHow am I gonna Gmake my Fmark, Goh oh FAre you gonna Gplay me, though, Fsong was never meant for the Gradio FI get …radiGo spin, I’m just doingF my thing, and I don’tG have time for a playlist FHow much will you Gpay me though? the Fsong was not a hit on the Gradio, Foho, G F G
the rest of the song follows the same pattern. enjoy oho, oho, oh
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