Ed Sheeran - Radio

Capo: First Fret.
GHi,D my name is JamieC, there was a time when Dradio played me GCause my music Dcame from my heartC, it was real to me butD now it's apart, GI'm here struggling, Dkeeping it real, while the Crest of them are hustling, Dseeking a deal, GSometimes I sit Dback and think JamiCe just do one tune, make a couple DG's and chill, GThe reason I Dstarted making music is Cthe exact same reason Dthat I'll never do it, I swear GI didn't go through alDl that for this, I'll give that a Cmiss, that's just how Dit is, unfair, straight, GWho could tell me differentD, look at me, Cdetermined, Man onD a mission GMy music is meD, and I am my musiCc So like it or lump itD, I'ma do this
GI never had a Dplaylist in my Cheart, Doho GNow I need an DA list just to Cchart D GFor I've been Dfamous from the Cstart D GHow am I gonna Dmake my Cmark, Doh oh GAre you gonna Dplay me, though, Csong was never meant for the Dradio GI get Â…radioD spin, I'm just doing myC thing, and I don't haveD time for a playlist GHow much will you Dpay me though' the Csong was not a hit on the Dradio, Goho, D C D
the rest of the song follows the same pattern. enjoy oho, oho, oh
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