Ed Sheeran - Plus medley

Capo 5 for guitar, standard tuning
GWhite lips pale face breaG/F#thing in snowEmflakes CBurnt lungs sour tasGte Maybe I'll get Emdrunk agGain I'll be Emdrunk agGain I'll be dEmrunk agaGin To feel a little lCovDe GI found your hair band on my bedroom flCoor GThe only evidence that you'd been here G/F#before EmAnd I don't get waves of missing you anymore GThey're more like tsunami tides in my eyes And you're stEmrumming on my heart strings lGike you were a grade 8 CBut I've never felt thDis way I'll pick your feEmet up off of the grGound and never ever lCet you dDown GI should ink my skDin with your nCame Cause yEmou are my one and ConlGy, you can wrap your fingers round my thCumb And hold me tDight GThis is the start of something bCeautiDful GThis is the start of something Cnew D EmAnd this city neveDr slCeeps EmI hear the people walk by when iDt's lCate EmSirens bleed through my window sill, cDan't close mCy eyes EmDon't control what I'm inDto C GI'm gonna pick up tDhe piEmeces and buDild a LeGgo house If things go wroDng we can kEmnock it downD Oh Gkiss me like you wG/F#anna be lEmoved You wanna be lovGed, you wanna be lovDed Cause Emyou need me man I don't need yCou You need me man, I don't need yAou You need me man, I don't need yCou EmGive me loCve like GheDr EmCause lately I've been wGaking up alDone ComEme fill to Cme the pDarting glasGs GooEmdnight and Cjoy be Amwith Gyou Emall
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