Ed Sheeran - Plus medley

Here is the medley that Ed performed for Kidd Kraddick -----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbDorehbaWk Em = 022033 G = 3x0033 or 320033 (mix and match) G/F# = 2x0033 D = xx0232 C = x23033 No capo, standard tuning
GWhite lips Cpale G/F#face breathing iEmn snowflakes GBurnt lungs sour Ctaste Maybe I'll get Emdrunk agGain I'll be Emdrunk agGain I'll be Emdrunk agGain To feel a little CloDve GI found your hair band on my bedroom floorC GThe only evidence that you'd been G/F#here before EmAnd I don't get waves of missing you anymore GThey're more tsunami tides in my eyes And you're Emstrumming on my heart strings Glike you were a grade 8 CBut I've never felt this Dway I'll pick your Emfeet up off of the Gground and never ever Clet you Ddown GI should ink my skin with your nameD Cause you are my Emone and only,G you can wrap your fingers round my Cthumb And Dhold me tight GThis is the start of something Cbeautiful D GThis is the start of something Cnew D GAnd this Dcity never Csleeps D EmI hear the people walkD by when it's Clate D EmSirens bleed through Dmy window Csill, can't close my eyes EmDon't conDtrol what I'm Ginto GI'm gonna pick up the pieces and Dbuild a Lego Emhouse If things go Gwrong we can knock it down D Oh Gkiss me like you G/F#wanna be Emloved You wanna be Gloved, you wanna be Dloved Cause Emyou need me man I don't need Cyou You need me man, I don't need Gyou You need me man, I don't need Dyou EmGive me love Clike her G D EmCause lately I've been Gwaking up alone EmCome fill to me the Gparting Dglass GoodEmnight and Gjoy be Emwith Gyou Emall
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