Ed Sheeran - One night

Tabbed By: Louis Dearing Email: louis.dearing@hotmail.co.uk Tuning: Standard eBGDAE - Capo 2nd Fret (for the live version, which i prefer) or no capo for studio Chords Used (You can play A without the bar chord but it sounds better with it)
e |-F#m-2--|--A5--|--E0--| B |--2--|--5--|--0--| G |--2--|--6--|--1--| D |--4--|--7--|--2--| A |--4--|--7--|--2--| E |--2--|--5--|--0--|
Lying in a F#mbedroom Lighting up aA Benson Face hair is Egrowing So I cut with a Evengeance Hey, did I F#mmention As she makes anA entrance Said I had a tEendency To Efinish off a sentence
F#mOh well, she's a lAocal girl ENo make-up Cos she kEnows me well F#mHair tied up inA elastic band With a kEiss on the cheek For her oEne-night man
And follow the same progression throughout the song :) Hope this helped :)
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