Ed Sheeran - One night

One Night - Ed Sheeran Tabbed by: Mitchjj Email: mitchelljfj@hotmail.co.uk standard tuning and no capo. it's just these three cords played all the way through: F*m A E, with E played twice. ( * = Sharp, as i don't know how to make the symbol on on a web page :S ) Fm* Lying in a bedroom
Lighting up aA Benson Face hair is Egrowing So I cut with a Evengeance Hey, did I Fmmention As she makes anA entrance Said I had a tEendency To Efinish off a sentence
FmOh well, she's a Alocal girl ENo make-up Cos she kEnows me well FmHair tied up iAn elastic band With a kEiss on the cheek For her oEne-night man
... and so thorth :) and btw, it sounds better when played with all bar chords, including the E: e|----7-----| B|----8-----| G|----9-----| D|----9-----| A|----7-----| E|----7-----|
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