Ed Sheeran - Lately

Simple chords...Capo on second freth.. hope you enjoy :)
I seem to fEmind myself talking to the poweAmrs that be awaking the Gshade and shadowed under towering treBes admiring theE seen, inhaling fumes of floweAmrs that breathe. jet lagged eGyes are begging for an hour to sleeBp although my Emblood shot whites and iris's tAmhey never find any Gclock stops at times where the sun sBhine can blind many Emalthough my eyes are heAmavy they wont be closing sooGn cos i know that time waits for nobody, I suppose its truBe Emwe make corrosive tunes wAmith acid tabs and vocal booths Gto see the flashing lights at photo Bshoots, we make our motive moves EmI say whatever I fAmeel to vent a rhyme so GI can still invent the lines and sBtay close to the friends of mine cos wEme all recognise,Am real is what my father says aGnd I'll be sticking to this phBrase until I pass away ovEmerworking, no slAmeep is just another way to dGie slow but I'll just Bkeep going strong as ever, never let my eyes close
I never slEmeep when trouble stAmeals thoughts from a reGstless mind for free,B it could bEme, AmahhGh Bthe times I'm living in I never sleep,Em when trouble sAmteals thoughts from a resGtless mind for frBee, it could be.Em. [Amx4] theG times I'm livingB in lately.
The chords are the same for the whole song :)
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