Ed Sheeran - Lately

capo 2
I seem to find mysEelf talking to the powers that be Cawaking the shade and shadowed under tBowering trees Eadmiring the scene, inhaling fumes of flowers that breathe. Cjet lagged eyes are begging for an hBour to sleep although my bElood shot whites and iris's they never find any Cclock stops at times where the sun Bshine can blind many E although my eyes are heavy they wont be closing soon C cos i know that time waits for nobBody, I suppose its trueE we make corrosive tunes with acid tabs and vocal boothsC to see the flaBshing lights at photo shoots, we make our motive moves EI say what ever I feel to vent a rhymCe so i can still invent the lines and stBay close to the friends of mine Ecos we all rGecognise, real is what my father says Cand i'll be sticking to this phrase until I Bpass away Eoverworking, Gno sleep is just another way to die sloCw but i'll just keep goBing strong as ever, Cnever let myD eyes close I never sEleep when trouble steals thoughts from a rCestless mind for freeB, it could bEe, Eoh-Goh-oh-Coh the tBimes i'm living in i never sEleep, when trouble steals thoughts from a Crestless mind for freeB, it could Ebe..
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