Ed Sheeran - I will take you home

AI stole a car laHmst nigAht Don't know whDere we're gonna Ggo BDut go aAhead and driHmve G I will Atake you hDome. Honey , it'sA cold ouHmtside A And your jumDper's tornG up BDut darlingA hold on tHmight G I willA keep you waDrm.
ADnd we will Gcry till tDhis fire Ais drowned And we will writGe all ourD memoriesA down And we will Gdrive till theDse tires Awear out ButHm daArliGng I-IA will takeD you home.
SOLO: D A Hm G A D ×2 If we could drive all night Until the sun is shone up I see it in your eyes yeah They will take me home Honey it's so damn bright Daylight's taking over again Just follow the signs ooh ooh (repeat chords from verse 1 and p.chorus)
ThGey will lAead us hoDme. CHORUS (same chords and lyrics)
AnDd we will dGrive till theDse tires Awear out AnDd we will wGrite all our DmemoriesA down DAnd we will Gcry till tDhis fire iAs drowned But HmdarAlinGg I-I wAill keepHm you warm Oh darlAingG I-I wiAll keep yoHmu warm DarlAing GI-I wiAll take yoDu home.
Hope you like it! ^-^
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