Ed Sheeran - I will take you home

i will take you home its finally fully available so its now been updated capo 2 Intro: C
CI stole a Gcar last nightAm G Don't know Cwhere we're gonnaF go C But go ahGead and driveAm F I will tGake you homeC
C Honey it's Gcold outsideAm G Your juCmpers torn uFp C But darling Ghold on tighAmt F I will Gkeep you warmC
We will Fcry till this Cfire is dGrowned And we will wrFite all our meCmories doGwn. We will Fdrive till theCse tyres Gwear out, ButAm darliGng FI will tGake you Chome.
C G Am Am F G C C x2 Instrumental: A E F#m F#m D E A A x2
CIf we could Gdrive all niAmght GUntil thCe sun is shoFwn up CI see it in Gyour eyes, yAmeah FThey wilGl take me homCe
CHoney it's sGo damn brighAmt GDaylightC's taking ovFer again CJust follow Gthe signs, oAmhh FThey wilGl lead us homCe
And we will Fcry 'till this fiCre is drowned G And we will Fwrite all our memCories down G
And we will Fdrive till these Ctires wear outG But dAmarlingF I, IG will take you home And we will Fride all our Cmemories downG We will cry Ftill this Cfire is drGown But AmdarlGing FI I will Gkeep you waAmrm ohh AmdarlGing FI I will Gkeep you waAmrm AmdarlGing FI I will Gtake you hCome
extra bit in cougar town
C Just folGlow the signAms F They will Glead us homeC
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