Ed Sheeran - Happier

This is my first time so hope you like it. intro/verse e|----------------------| B|------------------1--1| G|---0--0h2-0-0-2------0| D|--2-2----------2-2--2-| A|-0---3----------3--3--| E|----------------------| pre-chorus e|----------------------| B|---1---1--1-1---------| G|----------------------| D|--2---3--2-2----------| A|-0---3--3-3-----------| E|----------------------| chorus
Cause baby you lookAm happier yFou do C My friends told me Amone day i'Fll feel it toCo And until then i'llAm smileto hFide the truthC But i know i was haAmppier withF you C
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