Ed Sheeran - Happier

=== 5th Capo === [Intro] Em C G Em C G [Verse 1]
EmWalking down C29th and GPark EmI saw you Cin another’s Garms EmOnly a moCnth we’ve been aGpart You look hEmappier C G EmSaw you waClk inside a bGar EmHe said somethCing to make you laGugh EmI saw that bCoth your smiles were twGice as wide as ours Yeah, you look EmhappierC, you do G
[Pre-chorus 1]
EmAin’t nobody hCurt you like I Ghurt you But aEmin’t nobody loCve you like I dGo EmPromise that I wCill not take it pGersonal, baby EmIf you’re moving oCn with someone nGew
[Chorus 1]
Cause baby you look hEmappier,C you Gdo My friends told me oEmne day I’d Cfeel it tGoo And until then I'll Emsmile to Chide the Gtruth But I know I was hEmappier wCith yGou
[Verse 2]
EmSat on the cCorner of the rGoom EmEverything’s remiCnding me of yGou EmNursing an Cempty Gbottle and telling myself you’re Emhappier CAren’t Gyou?
[Pre-Chorus 2]
EmAin’t nobody hCurt you like I Ghurt you But aEmin’t nobody neCed you like I dGo EmI know that there’s Cothers that desGerve you But my dEmarling, I am sCtill in love with yGou
[Chorus 2]
But I guess you look EmhappierC, you Gdo My friends told me one Emday I’lCl feel it Gtoo I could try to sEmmile to hCide the trGuth But I know I was EmhappierC with yGou
[Interlude] Em C G x4 [Outro]
Baby, you look hEmappierC, you Gdo I know one day you’d Emfall for sComeone nGew But if he breaks your Emheart like Clovers dGo Just know that I’ll be Emwaiting hCere for Gyou
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