Coldplay - We never change

I wanna lf#ive life, never be cEruel, I wanna lF#ive life, be good toE you.
IBM wanna fF#ly, never come doEwn, And lBMive my liF#fe, And have friends arEound.
AWe never change, do wEe' AWe never learned to lEeave, BMSo I wanna liF#ve in a wooden houEse, I wanna live lF#ife, always be tErue, I wanna live liF#fe, and be good to Eyou, BMI wanna fF#ly, and never come doEwn, And I lBMive my liF#fe, and have friends arouEnd.
AWe never change do wEe' No, no, AWe never learned to blEeed, BMSo I wanna liF#ve in a wooden houEse, BMMaking more frF#iends would be eaEsy.
BMO I don't have a show to sEay, BMYes, and I sing of a singleE day, F#We never change do Ewe' F#We never learned to lEeave.
So, BMI wanna lF#ive life in a wEooden hBMouse, MakBMing more friF#ends would bEe easBMy, IBM wanna liF#ve where the sEun comes oBMut
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