Coldplay - We Never Change

F#mi E F#mi E I wanna F#mlive life and never be Ecruel, I wanna F#mlive life and be good to Eyou.
BmI wanna F#mfly, and never come Edown, And Bmlive my F#mlife, and have friends aEround.
Asus2We never change, do C#mi7we No, no. Asus2We never learn, do C#mi7we BmSo I wanna F#mlive, in a wooden Ehouse,
I wanna live life and always be true, I wanna live life and be good to you, And I wanna fly, and never come down, And live my life, and have friends around. We never change, do we No, no. We never learn, do we So I wanna live, in a wooden house, Where making more friends would be easy.
BmOh and I don't have a soul to Esave, BmYes, and I sin every single Eday,
BmWe never F#mchange, do Ewe BmWe never F#mlearn do Ewe
So, BmI wanna F#mlive in a Ewooden Bmhouse, Where Bmmaking more F#mfriends would be Dsus2ea Hsus2sy, BmI wanna F#mlive where the Esun comes Bmout.
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