Coldplay - Up with the birds

DThe birds they sang, Gat break of Dday Gmaj7"Start again" IEm7 hear them say A7 A7Sus4 D G D It's so hard to just walk away
DThe birds they sang, Gall a chDoir Gmaj7Start again, a little highEm7er A7 A7Sus4 D G D It's a spark in a sea of grey
DThe sky is Gmaj7blue, dream that Dlie til it's tGmaj7rue A7 A7Sus4 Then taking back the punch I threw My Darms turn wGmaj7ings oh those cDlumsy thGmaj7ings A7 A7Sus4 D Send me up to that wonderful world Bm A7 A7Sus4 D And then I'm up with the birds
e|-----------------| B|-/7-/8-/14-/15---| G|-----------------| D|-----------------| A|-----------------| E|-----------------| D G D G D G D Dsus2
Might have to Dgo where they Bmdon't know my nDame Bm GFloat all over the world just to see her again But I Dwon't show or fBmeel any pDain Bm Even tGhough all my armour might rust in the rain A simple pEmlot, D/F# buEmt I know D/F#one daEmy Good Gthings are cAoming our wDay Bm D Bm A simple pEmlot, D/F# buEmt I know D/F#one daEmy Good Gthings are cAoming our wDay Bm D Bm Oh Emyeah D/F# Em D
e|-----10-----7--------------10-7-----7-----7----------10-----7------------| B|---7------7-----7-10-7---7--------7-----7---10-7---7------7-----7-10-----| G|-7------7-----7--------7--------7-----7----------7------7-----7----------| D|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| e|-------10-------7-----7----------------| B|-7---7----7---7-----7---10-------------| G|---7--------7-----7--------------------| D|---------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------|
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