Coldplay - The scientist

I've found a bunch of chords that aren't quite right or are a bit difficult, so here's the version that I play which is quite easy. (I'm not sure of all the chords so make sure you look at how to play them.) Capo 3rd B7-X2X2X2 G-32XX33 D-XXX232 Dm-XXX23X
B7Come up to mGeet you Tell you DI'm sorry, You don't know howDm lovely you are... B7I had toG find you, tellD you I need you Tell you IDm set you apart...
GNobody said it was easy.... DIts such a shame for us to part.... GNobody said it was easy... DBut no one ever said it would be this hard... AI'm going back to the start...
D G Repeat through the the rest of this song.
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