Coldplay - The scientist

( I've tried other tabs for this song, but this seems easiest and sounds really good. *Required Capo 3rd fret* = very accurate sound compared to piano Standard EADGBE Bm7 x20202 G 320003 D xx0232 Dsus2 xx0230 A/D xx0220 D69 xx0200 A/E 002220 Asus2 xx2200 A xx2220 D7 xx0222 Dsus2/C# x40230 Intro) Bm7, G, D, Dsus2 x2 Verse)
Bm7Come up to meet Gyou, tell you I'm Dsorry you don't know how Dsus2lovely you are.
(Repeat that pattern three more times) Chorus)
GNobody said it was easy DIt's such a Dsus2shame for us to part
GNobody said it was easy D A/D D69 A/E Asus2 A <--(figure out the strum) No one ever said it would be so hard.
NC Oh take me back to the stars... Little Bridge) D | G | D | D D7 Intro x 1 no singing) Bm7 | G | D | Dsus2 Verse with singing) Bm7 | G | D | Dsus2 x3 Bm7 | G | D | Dsus2 Dsus2/C# x1 Play chorus here) Bridge) D | G | D | D Last Part w/ singing) Bm7 | G | D | D x4 Oooooooooooooooohh Bm7 | G | D Oooooooooooooooohh
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