Coldplay - Paradise

*the chords start whenever the drums come in* Capo 3 Intro: Em G D A x4 1st verse:
WBmhen she was just a gGirl SDhe expected the wAorld
BBmut it flew away from her rGeach SDo she ran away in her sAleep
Instrumental: Bm G D A x2 2nd verse:
WGhen she was just a gD/F#irl SD/F#he expected the wAorld
BGut it flew away from her rD/F#each TD/F#he bullets catch in her teethA
Pre chorus:
LEmife goes on it gGets so heavy TDhe wheel breaks the bAutterfly
EGvery year a wDaterfall AGnd In the night, the stormy nDight she closes her eAyes
IGn the night, the stormy Dnight away she fAlies
And dreams of pEmara paraG paradise PDara paraA paradise
PEmara paraG paradise ODh ohA
X2 Bridge: Em G A Bm D A x3 Repeat pre chorus Repeat chorus until end of song I hope you guys enjoyed and also that this is right
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