Coldplay - Paradise

Throughout the whole song: Capo 3 -Em, G, D, A I hope this is correct it's my first tab. I was listening to the song and my capo was on 3 because I had been playing You've Got the Love by Florence + the Machine and I played Em and It sounded like the first chord of the song! Hope you like it! Oh and it's in standard tuning! :) I did not take these chords for this song from anyone I just worked it out by ear and it's standard tuning.
EmWhen she was just a girl G DShe expected the world A EmBut it flew away from her Greach so DShe ran away in her sleep A
and dreamed of Em G D A
EmPara-para-paGradise, Para-para-paradise, Para-para-paradise DEvery time she cloAsed her eyes
EmWhen she was just a Ggirl DShe expected thAe world EmBut it flew away from her rGeach Dand the bullets catch in heAr teeth EmLife goes on, Git gets so heavy DThe wheel breaks the buttAerfly EmEvery tear a watGerfall EmIn the night the stDormy night she'll close herA eyes EmIn the night the storDmy night away she'd flAy
and dreams of
EmPara-para-paradisGe DPara-para-pAaradise EmPara-para-Gparadise DOh oh oh oh oAh oh-oh-oh
She'd dream of
EmPara-para-parGadise DPara-para-paradiAse EmPara-para-Gparadise DOh oh oh oh oh oAh-oh-oh-oh
And so lyiEmng underneatDh those stormy skies A Em G D She'd Asay, "oh, ohohohoh I know the sun must set to rise"
This could be
EmPara-para-paradiseG DPara-para-paradAise EmPara-para-pGaradise DOh oh oh oh ohA oh-oh-oh
This could be
EmPara-para-paraGdise DPara-para-parAadise EmPara-para-pGaradise DOh oh oh oh oh Aoh-oh-oh
I Copied the lyrics from and added the correct chords to where they are played in the song, if there are any mistakes i am sorry.
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