Coldplay - Moses

Artist:Coldplay Song title:Moses Album:Coldplay live 2003 Tabbed by :Edgar Rubio I'm sure that this is 100% accurate! Tune B string 1 step down to an A(EADGAe)and a capo on 2nd fret. Chords used:(Chords are relative to capo) A5 Em* G7 Dadd9 -0- -0- -5- -3- -0- -2- -5- -3- -2- -2- -4- -2- -2- -x- -x- -x- -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- INTRO: A5 Em* G7 E|--0000-0000-0-2-3-0-5555------------------- A|--0000-2222---------5555------------------- D|--2222-2222---------4444------------------- X2 G|--2222-xxxx---------xxxx------------------- A|--0000-0000---------0000------------------- e|--0000-0000---------0000------------------- INSTRUMENTALS: (Play intro) VERSE 1: A5 Em* Come on now
Don't you want to G7see A5 Em* This thing that's Happenning to G7me A5 Em* Like Moses Has power over G7sea A5 Em* So You've got Power over G7me
ISTRUMENTALS: (play intro) VERSE 2:Repeat the same chords as verse 1 Come on now Don't you want to know That you're a refuge Somewhere I can go Your air that Air that I can breath Your my golden Opportunity PRECHORUS:
And Dadd9oh Oh Yes I G7would If I only Dadd9could And You know I G7would
And maybe Dadd9I G7 Oh maybe Dadd9I G7
INSTRUMENTALS: (play intro) VERSE 3: As preveous Come on now Don't you want to see Just what a difference You have made in me I'll be waiting No matter what you say I'll keep waiting For days and days and days PRECHORUS: Play as before. Same lyrics and chords. CHORUS: Play as berore. Same lyrics and chords. BRIDGE: A5 Em* G7* Oh-oh Oh-oh, Oh-oh Oh-oh , Oh-oh Oh-oh x2
Dadd9 If the sky's gonna G7fall down let it fall on Dadd9me. If your caught in a G7break down you can break on Dadd9me. If the sky's gonna G7fall down let it fall on Dadd9me. G7 A5 (follow with intro chords) Oh Lord, Let it fall on me.
OUTRO: Dadd9,G7,Dadd9,G7,Dadd9,G7,Em* Note: x=Muted string, the most convenient way to do this is to use your pinky. Well that's about it. Have fun and please rate.
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