Coldplay - Moses

e--0---------0------------0----------2-------4 B--0---------0------------0----------3-------5 G--4---------2------------9----------2-------4 D--4---------4------------9----------0-------0 A--2---------4------------7----------0-------0 E--x---------x------------x----------0-------x Bsus4 F#maj7 Esus4 D Emaj Intro: Bsus4 F#maj7 Esus4 x5 Verse1:
Bsus4come on F#maj7now, don't you want to seeEsus4, Bsus4, F#maj7, Esus4, D, Emaj Bsus4this thiF#maj7ng that's happening to meEsus4 Bsus4like mosF#maj7es has power over seaEsus4 Bsus4so you'vF#maj7e got power over meEsus4
Intro x2 Verse 2 (same chords) come on now don't you want to know you're a refuge, somewhere i can go you're air that, air that i can breathe you're my golden opportunity Chorus:
anD, Emajd oh, oh yes i would iD, Emajf i only could aD, Emajnd you know i would aD, Emajnd baby i, oh baby i i wish
Verse 3: same chords come on now, don't you want to see just what a difference you've made in me i'll be waiting oh no matter what you say cause i've been waiting for days and days and days Chorus:same chords and oh, oh yes i would if i only could and you know i would and baby i, oh baby i i wish i wish Bridge:same chords oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh Outro chords of the Verses and finish with D if the sky's gonna fall down let it fall on me if you're gonna break down you can break on me if the sky's gonna fall down let it fall on me if it's gonna rain down it can rain on me it can rain on me
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