Coldplay - Lovers in japan

Lovers In Japan Am7 (022030) Dm (022000) Fmaj7 (032000) *Fmaj7 (x35453) C6 (320000) Gsus4 (xx0233) F (xx0232) F (320003) G6 (xx0202) C/G (xx0003) Fmaj7/C (332000) G/C (300232) Fadd9 (x32033) C/E (x20003) G/D (x00232) Am/E (x22000) Intro: Am7, Fmaj7, C6, Gsus4, Am7, Fmaj7, C6, F (4 beats each) G, D6, Cmaj7, G (all for 8 beats each) Verse 1:
FLovers, keep on the road you're G6on Fmaj7Runners, until the race is Frun Soldiers, you've got to soldier G6on *Fmaj7 F Sometimes even right is wrong
They are tDmurning myF head Fout To Fsee what I'm all abDmout Keeping Fmy head dowFn To Fsee what it feels like Dmnow But I C/Ghave no dFoubt One Dmday, we are gFonna get Am7out
Break: *Fmaj7, F, F, C6, Fmaj7/C, F, D/F (all for 4 beats each)
TonFight maybe we're gonna G6run Fmaj7Dreaming of the Osaka Fsun Ohh ohh.G6.. *Fmaj7 F Dreaming of when the morning comes
They are turDmning my Fhead Fout To Fsee what I'm all aboDmut Keeping my Fhead Fdown To Fsee what it feels like Dmnow But I C/Ghave no douFbt One Dmday the Fsun will come Dmout
Outro: Fadd9, C/E, F, Dm, Fadd9, C/E, [F, F/A, 2 beats each] Dm/E, Fadd9, C/E, F, Am/E, Fadd9, F/E, F, [F play till the song ends] (all other beats unless indicated are 4 beats each) Thanks!
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