Coldplay - Lovers In Japan

Akordy G, D, C môžete hrať aj takto: G 320033 D 000233 C 032033 Intro: G D C G
GLovers, keep on the road you\'re Don CRunners, until the race is G run GSoldiers, you\'ve got to soldier Don CSometimes even right is Gwrong
They are Emturning my Chead Gout ToD see what I\'m all Emabout Keeping Cmy head Gdown ToD see what it feels like Emnow But I D4have no Cdoubt OneAm day, we are Dgonna get outEm, C, G, D, G
Tonight maybe we\'re gonna run Dreaming of the Osaka sun Ohh ohh... Dreaming of when the morning comes They are turning my head out To see what I\'m all about Keeping my head down To see what it feels like now But I have no doubt One day the sun will come out Ooh...
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