Coldplay - Life is for living

Now BbI never meaGmnt, Fsus4to do wronFg, thaEbts what I caCm7me here to sBbay. Bsus4 Bb
But Bbif I was wrGmong, Fsus4Than I'm sForry, I dEbon't let it Cm7stand in ourBb way. Bsus4 Bb
As mBby head justGm aches, Fsus4When I thiFnk of, TheEb things thatCm7 I shouldn'tBb have done. Bsus4 Bb
But Bbif life is Gmfor living, Fsus4We all knoFw, AndEb I don't wanCm7t to live itBb alone. Bsus4 Bb
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