Coldplay - Life is for living

Here it is... Where it says play a chord on a certain fret, count up from the capo. If there are any questions, comments, concerns, or snide remarks, email me at Thanks. Life is for Living by Coldplay Capo 1
Now AI never meF#m7ant, Esus4to do wronEg, thaDts what I cBm7ame here to Asay. Asus4 A
But iAf I was wroF#m7ng, Esus4Than I'm sorEry, I dDon't let it stBm7and in our wAay. Asus4 A
As myA head just acF#m7hes, When I Esus4think of, E The thinDgs that I shBm7ouldn't have dAone. Asus4 A
But if lAife is for liviF#m7ng, We Esus4all know, E And I dDon't want to lBm7ive it alonAe. Asus4 A
Sing, E7Ah, AAh, ODsus2h D D(4th fret) Dm(5th fret) Sing Ah, Ah, Oh And just think E7Ah, AAh, Dsus2Oh A
Then just end it with the same chords as the verse And, thats the song.
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