Coldplay - Help is round the corner

Tab by zoel Am/C : x32210 FM7 : x33210 Dsus2 : x00230 Amadd9: x02410 Intro : C Am/C C Am/C
CStuck here in the middle of Am/Cnowhere CWith a head ache and a heavyAm/C heart CWell nothing is going quite Am/Cright here CAnd I'm tired I can't play mAm/Cy part C
FM7Come on come on oh what a staDsus2te I'm in FM7Come on come on why wont it jDsus2ust sink in C Amadd9 C Help is just around the corner for us
COh my head just wont stop acAm/Ching CAnd I'm sat here licking my Am/Cwounds CWell I'm shatered, and it reAm/Cally doesn't matter CBecause my rescue is gonna bAm/Ce here soon C
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