Coldplay - Help is round the corner

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE----------------------------------# #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------# HELP IS ROUND THE CORNER By Coldplay Tabbed by Alx Flint you can reach me at Capo 1st fret
CStuck here in the middle of Amnowhere CWith a head ache and a heavyAm heart CWell nothing is going quite Amright here CAnd I'm tired I can't play mAmy part C
FCome on come on oh what a sDtate I'm in FCome on come on why wont it Djust sink in CHelp is just around the Gcorner for Cus
COh my head just wont stop acAmhing CAnd I'm sat here licking my Amwounds CWell I'm shatered, and it reAmally doesn't matter CBecause my rescue will be heAmre soon C
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