Coldplay - Every teardrop is a waterfall

Like My Band On Facebook! :) And Check Us Out On Youtube! :) Don't Forget Twitter! :) Notes: -Listening Example: -Capo 2nd Fret -During certain parts you will HAVE TO finger the chords differently. Like switching between Cadd9 and D11/C you'll probably use your middle finger for the root note but when your switching from Cadd9 to C you'll probably use your pinky to hit the D on the B string and your ring finger for the root -In my band we play this with an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar. These are the chords that the acoustic guitar plays. Chords - E A D G B E Cadd9 - X 3 X 0 3 3 Cadd9/B - X 2 X 0 3 3 D11/C - X 3 X 0 3 2 CM9 - X 3 X 4 3 X C6sus2 - X 3 X 2 3 X Em7 - 0 2 2 0 3 3 Gsus2 - 3 X 0 0 3 5 G - 3 X 0 0 3 3 Gsus4 - 3(3)0 0 1 X G* - 3(2)0 0 0 X Esus4 - 0 2 2 2 0 0 Em - 0 2 2 0 0 0 D - X X 0 2 3 2 Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall Capo 2nd Intro: Cadd9 D11/C - Cadd9 D11/C Gsus2 G - Gsus2 G Verse 1: Cadd9 D11/C Cadd9 D11/C I turn the music up, I got my records on
I shut the Gsus2world Goutside until the Gsus2lights come Gon Cadd9 D11/C Cadd9 D11/C Maybe the streets alight, maybe the trees are gone I feel my Gsus2heart start Gbeating to my Gsus2favourite Gsong And all the Cadd9kids they Cdance, all the Cadd9kids all Cnight Gsus4 G* Gsus4 G* Until Monday morning feels another life I turn the Esus4music Emup I'm on a Esus4roll this Emtime And Cadd9hea----CM9ven Cadd9is C6sus2in Cadd9sight
Solo: G - Cadd9 - G - Cadd9 Verse 2: Cadd9 D11/C Cadd9 D11/C I turn the music up, I got my records on
From underGsus2neath the Grubble sing a Gsus2rebel Gsong Cadd9 D11/C Cadd9 D11/C Don't want to see a-nother generation drop I'd rather Gsus2be a cGomma than a Gsus2full Gstop Maybe I'm Cadd9in the Cblack, maybe I'm Cadd9on my Cknees Gsus4 G* Gsus4 G* Maybe I'm in the gap between the two trap-ezes But my Esus4heart is Embeating and my Esus4pulses Emstart Ca-Cadd9the---CM9drals Cadd9in C6sus2my Cadd9heart
Pre-Chorus: Cadd9 Cadd9/B Em7 And we saw oh this light I swear you, emerge blinking into
To Cadd9tell me it's alright Cadd9 Cadd9/B Em7 As we soar wa----lls, every siren is a symphony And every tear's Cadd9a waterfall
Is a waterGfall Cadd9Oh Is a waterGfall Oh Cadd9oh oh Is a is a waterGfall, every tCadd9ear Is a waterGfall,Cadd9 oh
So you can Dhurt, hurt me Cadd9bad Cadd9/B Cadd9 (G) But still I'll ra-------aaaise the flag
Solo: G - Cadd9 - G - Cadd9 Chorus:
GIt was a wa wa wa wa wa-Cadd9a-terfall GA wa wa wa wa wCadd9a-aterfall
Outro: Cadd9 D11/C - Cadd9 D11/C Gsus2 G - Gsus2 G ((Every Tear Is A Waterfall))
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