Coldplay - Every teardrop is a waterfall

my rendition of coldplay - "every teardrop is a waterfall" additions & comment to or sanviduca@gmail or on the site. if not exact i guess its close. intro C Em
Ci turn the music uEmp, i got my records on i shot the world outside until the lites come on maybe the streets alite, maybe the trees are gone i feel my heart start beating to my favourite song and aEmll the kids theCy dance, all Gthe kids all nite until monday morning feels another life i turn the music up i'm on a roll this time and heaven is in sight Ci turn the music up, i got my records on froA#m undernearth the rubble sing a rebel song dont want to sCee another generation drop i'rEather be a comma than a full stop Cmaybe im in the black, maybe i'm on my knees mayA#be i'm in the gap between the two trapezes but my heart iCs beating and my pulses start catheEdrals in my heart and we sCaw oh this lite i swear you, emergA#e blinking into, to tell me its alright as we soarC walls ooooh ooh every siren is a syEmphony Cand every tear's a A#waterfall Cis a waterfall oEh Cis a waterfall ohA# oh oh is a waterfall Cevery tear is a watEerfall oh oh oh sEmo you can hurt,C hurt me bad G but still i'll raise the flag oh! it was a wa wa wa wa waterfall a wa wa wa wa waterfall ever tear, every tear every teardrop is a waterfall
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