Coldplay - Careful where you stand

I noticed that there were many accurate tabs but none featured chords to accompany the song so I got the chords down. It was a bit tricky I'm sure this is 100% accurate. tabbed by: Edgar Rubio VERSE:
I feel C#msafe,A I feel C#mwarm,A when your C#mhear,A then I F#mdo no C#mharm PRE-CHORUS:
D(A) F#m C#m F# A I am cured, when im by your side, Im alright
Bmcareful where you stAand my lGove,A cBmareful where you lAay your hGands A it's tBrue,A were aGllways looking oAut for one anBother
Boh oh oh oAh,oh oh oh oGh, oh oh oh oh oAoh x2 BcarefAul where yGou stAand, and cBarefAul where yGou stAand, oBoh, oAoh ,oh, oGoh
oh, oAoh B
(when he sings i am cured you can play a D chord and hit a high note, or play an A chord which will still sound ok and is easier to sing)
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