Coldplay - Careful Where You Stand

I feelC#m safe, IA feel waC#mrm whenA you're F#mi, C#mihere, When I do no wrong, I am cuDred, F#mwhen I'm by yourC#m side. F#I'm alrightA, alright. I am safe, when I am with you, And I feel warm, If you want me to, I am cured, when I'm by your side. I'm alright. BmCareful where you staAnd,G, A BmCareful where you layA yourG heaAd. It's tBrueA we're alwGays looking Aout for one anotBher. I feel safe, when I am with you, I feel warm, when you want me to, I am cured when you are around. I'm alright. Careful where you stand, Careful where you lay your head, It's true we're always looking out for one another. So I like a quiet time please, Yeah, I like a quiet time. Careful where you stand, Now, careful where you stand Boh oh oh ohA, oh oh oh oGh, oh oh oh oh oAh BcarefAul where yGou staAnd, andB careAful where Gyou sAtand Boh Aoh oh oGh oh AohB
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