Coldplay - Amsterdam

Amsterdam - Coldplay Tabbed by:~*loni*~ standard tuning capo 1st fret this is sorta a little "rendition" of the piano intro, listen to the song to get the timing right... D A E G e|----2---------------------3------ B|----3-3------2-----0-----0-0----- G|--2----2---2-2-2--1-----0---0---- x3 D|-0------------------------------- A|----------0---------------------- E|-----------------0-----3--------- verse:
DCome on, Aoh my staEr is fading G DAnd I swAerve out oEf control G DIf IA, if IE'd only waited G DI'd not bAe stuck heEre in this hole.G
*play intro and repeat verse* chorus:
EBut time is on your sGide It's on your sDide now A E7Not pushing you down and aGll around It's no caDuse for coAncern
*intro again and verse* *chorus till end* and there you have it. it should be right. enjoy!
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