Coldplay - Amsterdam

This is a great song from a great band. This tab is taken from the book so its 100% correct. Here goes... Tuning: Standard Capo 1st Fret Chords Used (Not relative To Capo) Eb Bb Fsus4 F Ab Fadd9 Abmaj7 Ab6 e|-2--0---0----0--3---2-------2----0 B|-3--2---0----0--0---0-------0----0 G|-2--2---2----1--0---1-------0----0 D|-0--2---2----2--0---2-------0----0 A|-x--0---2----2--2---2-------x----2 E|-x--x---0----0--3---0-------3----3 Intro Eb, Bb, Fsus4, F, Ab x4 Verse 1
EbCome on, Bboh my Fsus4star isF fAbading EbAnd I sBbwerve, ouFsus4t of cFontroAbl. EbIf_Bb I'd_, Fsus4If I'dF__ onlAby waited, EbI'd not be stuBbck here in this hole. F Ab
Verse 2
EbCome hereBb, oh mFsus4y star FisAb fading, EbAnd I sBbwerve, ouFsus4t of cFontroAbl. EbAnd I sBbwear, I waFsus4i__tedF and waited.Ab EbI've got to getBb out of this hole.F Ab
But tFadd9ime, is on your side, Abmaj7 It's on your side Ebnow. BbNot pushing you down Fadd9 And all around, Abmaj7 No it's no causEbe for concern. Eb
Bridge 1 Eb, Bb, Fsus4, F, Ab x4 Verse 3
EbCome onBb, ohFsus4 my staFr Abis fading, EbAnd I sBbee no chanFsus4ce of rFelAbease. EbAnd I kBbnow i'm dead Fsus4on the Fsurface, Ab EbBut I am scrBbeaming underneaFth. Ab
Chorus Bridge 2 Fadd9, Abmaj7, Eb, Bb x2 Verse 4 (Not really a verse, I just don't know what to call it)
Stuck on the end, ofF this ball and chain Abmaj7 And I'm on my way back Ebdown yeah. Bb Stood on the edge, tiFed to the noose Abmaj7 Sick to the sto__Eb___mach. Bb You can say what you mean, but it Fwon't change a thing. Abmaj7 I'm sick of our se___crEbets. Bb Stood on the edge, tFied to the noose Abmaj7 And you came along and you cuEbt me loose. Bb Fadd9 Abmaj7 Eb Bb Fadd9 Abmaj7 ) You came along and you cut me loose. )x2
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