Tabbed by: Juan21 Bruno Mars- Talking to the Moon
EI know you're somewhere out there AbmSomewhere far away C#mI want you back B I waAnt you back EMy neighbors think I'm crazy AbmBut they don't understand C#mYou're all I have You're aAll I have
Chorus: F#m B At night when the stars A light up my room
I sit by myselfB A B C#m Talking to the Moooooon A B C#m Try to get to Yoooouuuu AIn hopes you're on Bthe other side ETalking Bto me tC#moo Or am I a foAol who sits alBone C#m, B, F# Talking to the moon *End of Chorus*
EI'm feeling like I'm famous TheAbm talk of the town They say IC#m've gone mad B Yeah I'vAe gone mad EBut they don't know what I know Cause Abmwhen the sun goes down someone's C#mtalking backB Yeah, they're tAalking back
*Chorus: Repeat the the Chorus*
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