Bruno Mars- Talking to the Moon Note: I'm a noob a guitar so I just posted this so I would remember the chords, I was wondering if any of you would give me a hand to get the chorus part down because I'm really bad lol, but yeah, I hope you enjoy!! *If you have any questions about which forms of the chords to use or something please just ask :] Tabbed by: Juan21 Bruno Mars- Talking to the Moon
EI know you're somewhere out there G#mSomewhere far away C#mI want you back AI want you back EMy neighbors think I'm crazy G#mBut they don't understand C#mYou're all I have AYou're all I have
F#mAt night when the Bstars light Aup my room I sit by myseBlf Talking tAo the MBooooooC#mn Try to geAt to YoBooouuuC#mu AIn hopes you're on Bthe other side C#mTalking to me tooE7 AOr am I a fool Bwho sits alone C#mTalking tC#m o theB moAon
*End of Chorus*
EI'm feeling like I'm famous G#mThe talk of the town C#mThey say I've gone mad AYeah I've gone mad EBut they don't know what I know G#mCause when the sun goes down C#msomeone's talking back AYeah, they're talking back
*Chorus: Repeat the the Chorus*
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