Bruno Mars - Starting today

Oh DyeAaaaaaBmaah A whoGaa Bm oooGh A We hDad a date I stAood you up you tBmried to call but i didAnt pick up yeah foGrgot about our plans pleaseBm forgive your man For rGuining your night so many tiAmes
I'm soDrry I knAow your mad and Bmi dont wanna be like every otheAr man that you've had So im stoGpping all these childish things BmGirl you mean to much to me GYour love is worth to much to lAose
Girl I kDnow I broke your heart and truAsting me is really hard but wBmatch how quick I change my Aways starting Gtoday, tBmoday, starting GtodaAy ooooh I know that DI'm the one to blame you say Aevery mans the same but wBmatch how quick I change my wAays starting Gtoday, tBmoday, starting Gtoday oAoooh
Girl Im starting tDoday
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