Bruno Mars - Starting today

Bruno Mars - Starting Today Tabbed by: Alan N. Leung Tuning: Standard This is my first tab. Should be right, but I could have gotten a variation or two wrong. I'm not musically gifted or anything, so listen for yourself! These are basically the chords for the whole song: E B C#m B A C#m A B Expressed in tab form:
e|--E0-----B7----C#m-4-----B7-----| B|--0-----7-----5-----7-----| G|--1-----8-----6-----8-----| D|--2-----9-----6-----9-----| A|--2-----9-----4-----9-----| E|--0-----7-----4-----7-----|
e|--A0----C#m-4-----A0-----B7-----| B|--2-----5-----2-----7-----| G|--2-----6-----2-----8-----| D|--2-----6-----2-----9-----| A|--0-----4-----0-----9-----| E|--x-----4-----x-----7-----|
You can also play "A" like this (its up to you, this one might be easier): e|--5-----| B|--5-----| G|--7-----| D|--6-----| A|--6-----| E|--5-----| With the lyrics:
oh EyeBaaaaaC#maah BwhoaAa C#moooh A B We hEad a date I stBood you up
you tC#mried to call but i didnBt pick up yeah foArgot about our plans
pleaseC#m forgive your man For rAuining your night so many tiBmes
I'm soErry I knBow your mad and C#mi dont wanna be like every otherB man that you've had
So im stoApping all these childish things C#mGirl you mean to much to me
AYour love is worth to much to lBose
Girl I kEnow I broke your heart and truBsting me is really hard
but wC#match how quick I change my wBays starting Atoday, tC#moday, starting tAodayB ooooh
I know that EI'm the one to blame you say Bevery mans the same
but wC#match how quick I change my waBys starting Atoday, tC#moday, starting tAoday ooBooh
Girl Im starting tEoday
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