Bruno Mars - Somewhere in Brooklyn Capo 3
She wGas covered in leather aCnd gold AmTwenty one years oDld I lGost her in the Ccold It'sAm unfair, she's Dout there
GSomewhere, sComewhere, Amsomewhere inD Brooklyn She's Gsomewhere, sComewhere, Amsomewhere inD Brooklyn
GLittle miss perfect Csitting at the train stop AmRed nike high tops lDistening to hip-hop GWhile we were waiting Cstarted conversating AmBefore I got her name Dalong came a train
G(uuCuuuAmuuh) next stop DBrooklyn G(uuCuuuAmuuh) now I'mD lookin'
She was Gcovered in leather and Cgold Amtwenty one years Dold I lostG her in the cCold It's Amunfair, she's Dout there SoGmewhere, Csomewhere,Am somewhere inD Brooklyn She'sG somewhere, Csomewhere,Am somewhere inD Brooklyn
GOn the street kickin rocks Ccircling the same block AmGreen farm flatbush Dchecking every corner shop GTappin' people's shoulders Caskin if they know her AmEveryday's the same Dback to the train
G(uuCuuuAmuuh) next stopD Brooklyn G(uuCuuuAmuuh) I'm stillD lookin'
She was Gcovered in leather and Cgold Am21 years Dold I Glost her in the Ccold It's uAmnfair, she's Dout there GSomewhere, sComewhere,Am somewhere inD Brooklyn She's Gsomewhere, Csomewhere,Am somewhere in BrookDlyn
GOh-oh-oh-Coh AmI wonder if we'll eDver meet again GOh-oh-oh-Coh AmI wonder we we'll Dever meet agaiGn C Yeah AmI wonder if we'll Dever meet agaiGn C AmI hope we do Dsomewhere in BrooklyGn
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