Just these four chords repeated throughout the song. this is how bruno plays it in the private acoustic version on youtube. Tuning: EADGBe Bb D# Cm F -----1------|-----6------|-----3------|-----1------| -----3------|-----8------|-----4------|-----1------| -----3------|-----8------|-----5------|-----2------| -----3------|-----8------|-----5------|-----3------| -----1------|-----6------|-----3------|-----3------| -----1------|-----6------|-----3------|-----1------|
She was Bbcovered in leather and D#gold EbTwenty one years Fold I Bblost her in the D#cold It's Cmunfair, she's Fout there BbSomewhere, D#somewhere, Cmsomewhere in FBrooklyn She's Bbsomewhere, D#somewhere, Cmsomewhere in FBrooklyn BbLittle miss perfect D#sitting at the train stop CmRed nike high tops Flistening to hip-hop BbWhile we were waiting D#started conversating CmBefore I got her name Falong came a train Bb(oooD#oooooCm) next stop FBrooklyn Bb(oooD#oooooCm) now I'm Flookin
And so on... enjoy
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