Terms of Service

  1. Using the site

    1. By using the site www.chords-and-tabs.net, the user agrees with all rules mentioned below.
    2. The operator reserves the right to make any changes in these rules.
  2. Site availability and its content

    1. The operator decides on the accessibility / inaccessibility of any of the content.
    2. The operator strives for that the best technical services are available. The user acknowledges that the content may be unavailable for the period necessary to eliminate technical problems.
  3. Unregistering

    1. The user has the right to cancel his or her registration without giving any reason.
    2. The operator has the right to cancel anyone's registration without providing any reason.
  4. User's obligations

    1. The user agrees to comply with the legal standards and the basics of decent conduct.
    2. It is prohibited:

      1. to reference or promote alcohol, drugs, medications or other addictive and narcotic substances.
      2. to advertise any sale of goods or services.
      3. to overuse vulgarisms and rude and abusive words that may offend others.
      4. to advertise fascism, nazism, racism or any other denial of fundamental human rights and freedoms.
      5. to promote competing websites.
      6. to write incomprehensible or aggressive texts containing too many of the same characters.
    3. Posts or profiles which violate these rules may be modified or deleted.
  5. Song texts / lyrics

    1. The user may only add texts / lyrics which are not copyrighted or which have copyright belonging to the user.
    2. By inserting a text / lyric, the user agrees with displaying the text publicly and resigns from all the copyrights to this text.
    3. The operator has the right to modify the texts / lyrics.
    4. The user may not post fake tabs (for example, by describing a tab as being a song or by an artist other than that which it actually is).
    5. The text / lyric may not contain addresses to other websites.
    6. All texts / lyrics must be in accordance with the laws and with moral and ethical rules.
    7. Inappropriate texts / lyrics can be modified or deleted.
  6. Service Fee

    1. All services of site www.chords-and-tabs.net are currently provided free of charge. Exceptions are advertising services.
  7. Other rules

    1. The operator has the right to show the user advertising banners.
    2. The user ensures that he or she will not in any way restrict or prevent advertising banners from appearing.
    3. These rules became valid on 1/1/2015 and will be valid for an indefinite period.
    4. These rules may be changed at any time without prior notice.